Foster Diaries

A number of our companion animals reside in foster homes. The reasons vary from those that need extra TLC to the simple fact that given our small shelter we are just not able to house all the lost or turned-in pets that come to us.

Our foster families open their homes and hearts to these wonderful pets. Not only do they provide shelter and care, they also learn a lot about our rescues. Below, in our Foster Families’ own words, are stories about the pets they are caring for. If you discover a pet that you would like to learn more about, please contact the shelter at 313.943.2697.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent yourself learn more by visiting our Become a Foster page.  The experience can be very rewarding for both you and your foster pet.




Beauty is ready to find a  family to love so she can show everybody just how special she is. She is an energetic dog who is full of life.  She is still in her puppy stage.  She loves playing with her toys.  Beauty does enjoy her walks and does pretty well on a leash.  She does get excited and wants to pull when she sees other furry friends; but we are working on that.  Beauty is a lovable dog who loves to give licks and wants to jump up and give hugs to show affections.  She loves belly rubs and to cuddle.  Beauty is a big girl who thinks she is a lap dog.  She loves attention and people and always wants to be in the action.

Beauty is crate trained and when she is told to go into her cage at bedtime, she will go right in.  She is potty trained and will go ring the chimes on the door when she needs to go out.  She knows basic commands like sit and say.  Beauty would be a good fit for a home that can handle an energetic athletic dog and be willing to give her the attendtion she needs.  She is a sweet dog who would make a great companion.

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Happy.  Fun.  Loving.  Playful.  Energetic.  Watchful.  Adaptive.  Well behaved and at times solemn.  This is Casper.  He has been in a foster home since December 2013.  The home is chaotic; filled with several small chihuahua-type dogs and a bunch of cats.  Casper has blended in wonderfully.  Casper, despite his size, has been very gentle with the dogs and cats during play.  He is not selfish with food, treats or toys.  He is potty and crate trained.  He knows, through hand signals, how to sit, shake, stay, back up, and lay down and “go into your crate”.  He is at least hard of hearing and may be deaf, but despite that he minds well with hand hand signals.

Casper loves the outdoors, snow, rain or shine.  He is very athletic and loves romping in snowpiles. Inside he is quiet and well behaved.  He loves sitting on the bench in front of the living room window and staring outside.  He will give warning barks to alert the foster mom of strange passerbys, but he does not bark excessively.  He very much loves to play with toys, especially rubber squeaky toys and balls.  Casper enjoys being petted and especially belly rubs.  He will give kisses; but is not excessive with his licking.

Casper is looking for someone who could exercise him with play and/or walks.  He will give you affection and life-long companionship.

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Nani is a sweet two-year-old girl that is a bit timid; but her Foster Mom is working with her to slowly come out of her shell a bit, so she might do better in a home without young children.  She is a bit scared of shovels and the bathroom, but her Foster Mom is working with her on that too!  Nani loves to go for walks and play in the snow in the backyard and tries to bury her head in the snow.  It is very cute!

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