Daisy Bailey

We all love her so much, she loves us and her new home.  Daisy will stand up on my lap and lay her head on my chest like she’s giving me a hug … she loves to sleep in our bed and she also has her own bed to sleep on.  She likes to take walks and run.  She has brought so much joy, fun and love to our home …we are so blessed to have adopted her.  We would encourage everyone to adopt a pet from the shelter, there are too many animals living on the streets lost and need a good home.  When we first went to the Dearborn Animal Shelter my husband saw Daisy first and knew in his heart she was our dog.  He then called my daughter and myself over to look at her.  At first glance we all made the same response, Awww.  We all fell in love with her and knew she would be perfect for us.  We are all so happy she is family and gets along with our cats.  All of us are lucky to have each other.  Animals bring so much joy to everyone!  Thank you Dearborn Animal Shelter


William, Vicki, Tiffany and Daisy

Daisy Bailey

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