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According to the ASPCA an animal is beaten or abused every 10 seconds. As a reminder that we all can help combat such injustice, April is designated National Prevention of Animal Cruelty month.

Cruelty and animal abuse, however, takes place year round. You’ve all seen the “sensational” cruelty cases on the news, but unfortunately cruelty happens more often than you would think, and it happens in our own neighborhoods. At the shelter, we regularly see the sad results—of both emotional and physical cruelty.

Mambo: From forager to Friends for life . . .

This one-year-old boy was found on the streets during the bitterly cold January of 2014. His ears were frostbitten, and we could count every rib. Having to forage for food, he was extremely malnourished.

Mambo was put on a special feeding diet, slowly building up his system to remember what a full tummy feels like.

Our volunteers took him on special outings, helping him to remember what it feels like to be loved. Dogs who go hungry typically snap and guard their food. Not Mambo. He seemed utterly content in our care.

Look at his transformation! By April, his coat was sleek and shiny, and his eyes bright and hope-filled.


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