Cat Community Center

Cats are far from the solitary and aloof creatures that they are sometimes reputed to be. They actually are very social and enjoy not only the company of other cats, but humans and dogs as well.  Shelters are very harsh environments and one of our goals is to make the lives of the animals we care for as happy and stress-free as possible. This makes them not only more comfortable, but also more adoptable. That is why the Cat Community Center (Triple C) was created.

As many of you know, the space in our existing shelter is very limited, so to give the cats a communal play space, we brought in a rented trailer. This allowed us to house as many as 15 cats in an open environment with windows. These photos (thanks to Ed Serecky for taking them) give you an idea of what the Triple C’s look like, but you can stop by and visit yourself as well.

We started with one trailer in 2007, but the program was so successful—the cats were healthier and happier and adoption rates of cats in the trailer higher—that we brought in a second trailer. In 2008, we brought  in two more—four in total—to create a Cat Community Center Village. This allows us to get more cats out of small confining cages and help better prepare them for a loving home environment.

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You can sponsor a month of happiness for all the cats in 1 Triple C trailer for $250. Sponsor a month for yourself, your favorite feline, or honor a special cat-lover in your life. See what months are available using the links above.

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