Hope’s Heroes

Hero in Need

Moose Trax

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At almost two years old, Moose  Trax was brought to our shelter by his owners. His left rear leg was badly broken and they could not afford veterinary care. After evaluation, it was discovered that the leg, left untreated for too long, was beyond repair and required amputation. Moose Trax is doing remarkably well. This resilient boy is learning to walk again and is a spirited pup who doesn’t see any hurdles in his path.

Thank you for giving Moose Trax a second chance!

It’s All About “Hope”

Hope’s Heroes provide for dogs, cats, and other animals who come to our shelter with very special needs. Your Hope’s Hero gift covers the extra care and medical expenses for these animals—including comprehensive medical tests, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation. Thanks to you, these “special Friends” can get back on the road to good health so that we can place them with forever families.

Yes! I want to provide hope for rescues with special needs.

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