Our Bully Buddies

Our sincere thanks for supporting us in our efforts:

Recycl-A-Bullz is a program founded by the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter which promotes responsible guardianship of “bully-breed” dogs through careful placement of adoptable bully dogs, education, and humane training and exercise methods. We believe that Pit Bulls (and other “bully” breeds) deserve the same chance at a happy home as other dog breeds.

Pit Crew: A bully’s best friend

Pit Crew at the pool

This volunteer program includes the enrichment of the “bully breeds” in the care of the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Interested in becoming a part of the Pit Crew? Get more info >>>


The following educational materials are available for those wanting to learn more about bully-breeds or are considering adoption.

The Friends are happy to consult with bully-breed guardians who have concerns about or experience issues with their companion dog.


The Friends screen bully breeds for health, temperament, behaviors, and personality prior to offering them for adoption. Additionally, potential adopters are required to meet specific requirements prior to adoption of a bully breed.

See our Luv-a-Bullz online and learn about our adoption and training specials.


The Friends offer training classes to help build and strengthen the bond between a bully breed dog and his human partner.


It is usually a bored and un-exercised dog that gets into trouble. Walking or playing fetch may not be enough for these tenacious dogs. We promote activities such as weight pulling, dock diving, agility, and other individual dog sports. The use of special equipment can also aid your quest for humane and time-saving exercise. Please contact the shelter for details.


A low-cost, $25 spay/neuter program is available for pit bull/pit-mix dogs. Please contact the shelter for details.

Our Position on Breed Specific Legislation

In order to protect residents, many local communities have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). But is this the answer? Communities that have already passed a Pit Bull ban are finding out that it is no panacea. The cost and the manpower involved in banning a specific breed or type of dog has certainly proved to be high with very little effect on public safety.

Statistics are showing that BSL does not reduce the number of bites and injuries to humans. In fact, in some cases, they have increased. In addition, it is very difficult for even the experts to correctly identify Pit Bull dogs, as 25 different breeds are commonly mistaken for Pit Bulls. Most affected by such a ban are the easy-to-find, licensed family dogs owned by responsible people, not the unlicensed dogs of irresponsible owners and criminals. What will work is proactive and effective enforcement of leash, license, and Dangerous Dog laws that address the actions of risky dogs and holds their owners responsible.

Friends Affect Dearborn BSL
A proposed ordinance to ban new ownership of bully breeds was introduced by Dearborn City Council in November 2010. After an early December study session, during which FFDAS staff and guests played a primary role, the proposed ordinance was taken off the table.

Instead, current dog-control codes will be overhauled to a two-tier system that will be diligently enforced. A draft of the new ordinance defines a dangerous dog as one that a reasonable person believes poses a “serious and unjustified imminent threat of serious physical injury or death to a person or a companion animal,” or a dog that bites without provocation. There is no breed discrimination in the new ordinance.

The Friends organization is grateful for our City leadership’s rational and cost-effective approach to keeping humans and animals safe in our community. Please encourage your neighbors to be responsible pet owners so we are all safe from incidents stemming from dangerous dogs.

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