Go Orange for Mambo & All Animals with No Voice

PAW PRINTS  April 7th, 2014 Help Them Find Their Way Home April Showers Bring Mutt Strut Flowers Providing Comfort to 53 Kitties from forager to friend for life According to the ASPCA every 10 seconds an animal is abused or mistreated.  We can give these animals a voice.  You can make a difference.  Especially during [...]

Help Dot Make a Dash for a Home Run

PAW PRINTS March 24th, 2014 Little League Pets Minor League Friends: Meads Middle School she deserves a home run After a loooong winter, Michiganders are literally counting the days to March 31 and the Tigers’ opening day.  One-year-old Dot is looking for her home run, too: a life free of heartworm.         [...]

Keebler Elf Rescued from Tree!

PAW PRINTS March 10th, 2014 Charming Event: Kitty Comforter Party Popcorn Equals Kernels of Delight Pot o’ Gold at Cool Cat Casino A little magic in dearborn St. Patrick’s Day came a little early for the 4th grade students at McDonald Elementary School.  Nestled high above in the branches of a tree on school property [...]

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