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Pet Training Center PAW PRINTS February 2012

This Pet Training Enews is provided courtesy of the Friends Trainer & Behavior Evaluator, Linda Thomas (lthomas@dearbornanimals.org).  We hope you find it informative, enjoy!

Valentine Pooch Paw-ty!

The Friends Pet Training Center is having a Valentine Pooch Paw-ty Saturday February 11th! What better way to celebrate then with your four legged Valentine.

 We are going to have fun and play games like:   

  • Most kisses in 30 seconds 
  • Peanut Butter lick
  • Race to my love
  • Find the hidden treat

valentine paw-ty.jpgHomemade dog treats are available from the Friends own Fido Barkery.

Select from one of three paw-ty times:

  • 11:00 a.m. – noon (large-breed dogs)
  • 12:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (small-breed dogs)
  • 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (all-size dogs)

Call Linda  to reserve your spot at (313) 943-2697! Space is limited to 10 dogs per paw-ty. Cost is only $10!

Training Tip 

With the weather being very  unpredictable it can be hard to burn off some of your dogs energy. Here is another fun game that you can play with your dog, this was summited by Diane:

  • Identify a dog treat that your dog loves.  (I use “Bil Jac Gooberlicious” or cut up organic chicken or turkey hotdogs.) 
  • Put your dog in a crate, outside, or in a  separate room. 
  • Hide the treats throughout your basement and/or house.  Start out by leaving them in open/easy to find locations.
  • Bring your dog out and tell them to “find the treats”.  If they don’t understand, walk towards the first treat and  let him sniff the treat out.
  • Your dog will figure out the game very fast if they realize it involves their nose and a great reward – the treat! After your dog understands the game, you can make it more and more challenging.  

 I play this with all 4 of my shepherds at once.  (Please note, I do not have any food aggression issues with my dogs and the pack works together to “hunt” the food.  If your dog is food aggressive and you have multiple dogs, I would suggest playing the game individually).

Thanks Diane for the great game, this is one that I often suggest as well.

Happy hunting!

Ask the Trainer

Thank you for the great response to the Ask the Trainer, here is one of the questions.

Q:  “My dog doesn’t like the cold weather or when it’s raining or snowing.  I have her go outside but even after I see her go, she comes in and will pee or poop.  Any suggestions?” — Submitted by Claudia.

A:  Claudia, that is often a problem with small dogs, dogs that were house trained during the summer months, short coated dogs and dogs that are getting older.

Putting a coat or sweater and boots on some dogs will help to keep them warm and dry enough to go completely outside.

Shoveling an area that is free of snow, having a covered area that is ok for them to go under when outside, or giving your small dog an area in the house with potty pads will help prevent accidents from happening when the weather is not pleasent out.


If you have a question about your dog or cat just Ask the Trainer


Product Review

Would you like to give your dog a healthy treat with out preservatives? Do you need to control the ingredients? Do you need to keep the costs low?


There are many web sites dedicated to homemade dog treats and dog foods. 
Here are a few favorites:




Here is my story: I have been one of the Friends Fido Bakery bakers since the first Pooch Paw-ty in 2009. My dogs have been the taste testers of all the different cookies, brownies, and cakes that I make.

I have not found a recipe that my dogs do not like, even if I get them a little dark, they will still eat them.

valentine_cake.jpgHere is the recipe that I made for the Valentine Pooch Paw-ty and for my dogs for Valentine’s day.

Cherry Oatmeal Muffins

 Esmee and Balto give them 3 out of 3 paws!

ffdas_heart_3c.jpg ffdas_heart_3c.jpg ffdas_heart_3c.jpg








Thursday 9
    Small dog play day 6:00pm

Saturday 11
    Pooch Paw-ty Valentine themed

Thursday 16
    Kitty 101 6:00 pm   Free
       Topic- Why does my cat…scratch?

Saturday 18
    Off-site adoption event Noon-3 pm





Thursday 1
    Doggie 101 6 pm   Free
       Topic- Why does my dog…bite me?

Friday 2
    Beginner Basics 6pm

Saturday 3
    Agility For Fun 9 am

Tuesday 6
    Puppy 101 7:30 pm

Thursday 8
    Small dog play day 6 pm

Thursday 8
   Intermediate 7:30 pm

Wednesday 14
    Beginner Bascis 6:00 pm

Thursday 15
    Kitty 101 6 pm   Free
       Topic- Why does my cat…play too rough?

Saturday 17
    Off-site adoption event Noon-3 pm

Thursday 22
    Medium dog play day 6:00 pm

Saturday 31
    Canine Good Citizen test or practice by appointment





Thursday 5
     Doggie 101 6 pm   Free
       Topic- Does not like to be left home alone

Thursday 12
    Small dog play day 6 pm

Friday 13
    Beginner Bacis 6 pm

Saturday 14
    Pooch Paw-ty Sport Themed

Tuesday 17
    Puppy 101 7:30 pm

Thursday 19
   Kitty 101 6 pm   Free
       Topic- Keeping your cat indoors

Saturday 21
    Intermediate 9:00 am

Saturday 21
    Off-site Adoption event Noon-3 pm

Wednesday 25
    Beginner Basics 6:00 pm

Thursday 26
    Meduim dog play day 6:00 pm



Coming in May


Saturday 12
    Mutt Strut at Ford Field in Dearborn

Check the training schedule for more information and to register.



sammy davis.jpg

Sammy Davis is a spirited 18-month-old (12/20) border collie mix. He weighs 38 lbs. and is crate trained. Sammy Davis is an active dog and did well in his temperament testing but tends to be shy and needs a home with no cats, and no children under 8 years old. Sammy has gotten used to other dogs in his foster home and reacts well after he warms up to friendly dogs. We think he’d do best in a calm household where he’ll have a chance to shine. He enjoys being petted and given attention, and he likes to go for walks. Sammy has been neutered and is spending time in a foster home where he’s chilling out and undergoing training to learn the manners and skills he’ll need to succeed in his next home. I just started to catch a frisbee!


Groovey is one far-out feline! This cool cat has a short, sleek black coat with a very tiny bit of white on his chest and tummy, gorgeous gold eyes, and an outstandingly outgoing personality. He’ll reach out for you when you visit because he’s got lots of affection to share and wants to be near people. Groovey is 1 year old and has been neutered, so he’s ready to go home. Visit him in the Cat Community Center.

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