Adoptable Animals

Woofgang Puck

Shy and sweet, Woofgang Puck came to the shelter as a lost dog, and we think he’s 5 years old.… Read more.


Willow is a large and affectionate male who was brought to the shelter as a lost cat. He’s gained a… Read more.


You love me and you know it! My name is Vernon, and I was brought to the shelter as a… Read more.


Tessa is a 3-year-old beauty with a long brown mackerel (striped) tabby coat and large, luminous eyes. She’s shy as… Read more.


WILL WORK FOR TREATS. What’s not to love about that? Teal is a 1-year-old mixed-breed male who will play with… Read more.


Tara is a very calm dog who prefers the company of calm dogs. She can be shy but is extremely… Read more.


If you seek an affectionate, long-coated male, visit Sylvester in our Cat Room! This black-and-white beauty came to the shelter… Read more.


Spot is a lovable and jumpy 2-year-old who knows “sit” and “shake.” We think he’ll do best in an active… Read more.


Look at that face! Sonny is a super-cute 1-year-old male who came to the shelter as a lost cat, and… Read more.