Adoptable Animals

Uncle Fester (Zeus)

Uncle Fester (Zeus) is a 3-year-old mixed-breed male with a short brindle-and-white coat. A wiggly boy who likes to play… Read more.


Tiger is a 1-year-old male with a short red mackerel (striped) tabby coat. He came to the shelter as a… Read more.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is a 1-year-old brown mackerel (striped) tabby who originally was brought to the shelter because his human companion… Read more.


Stacie is a 2-year-old mixed-breed female who came to the shelter as a lost dog. A gentle, sweet girl, Stacie… Read more.


Snickerdoodle is an attractive 8-year-old with a red mackerel (striped) tabby coat, a sweet face, and a laid-back demeanor. He… Read more.


Simone is a pretty 1-year-old with a short brown classic (swirled) tabby coat. She was brought to the shelter with… Read more.


Sheeba is an outgoing 1-year-old female with a tortoiseshell/tabby coat. She came to the shelter as a lost cat and… Read more.


Scout is a 1-year-old, 62-lb. mixed-breed male who was brought to the shelter as a lost dog. We’re told that… Read more.


Santana is a 1-year-old female with a short dilute tortoiseshell coat (soft shades of grey and peach). She originally was… Read more.


Rutabaga is a 1-year-old female who was taken in by a kind stranger and then had kittens and was brought… Read more.