Anya ChortosAnya is doing wonderful! She has adapted extremely well and is loving her new home. When she first arrived and saw the pile of toys awaiting her, her eyes got big and she literally pounded in the middle of the pile; playing with each toy. Later in the week, my coworkers threw us a “puppy shower” and she again didn’t know which toy to play with first. She has been to the vet for check-ups, exams, blood work, etc., and is parasite free, but a tad anemic, so she is on a puppy multivitamin. Otherwise, she is healthy. She has gained 7.3 lbs. She is such a pleasure and is a joy to have. She’s playing frisbee, (it’s a cute 4″ puppy frisbee). She’s also learning to sit, stay, give me your paw, and No! Housebreaking is coming along well, only an accident once in a while.

Thank you for the care she received while with you. I can imagine working at a shelter must be difficult; but without each and everyone of you, all those precious babies would not have a chance. For that Anya and I are grateful. I want to personally thank Danielle. She was very understanding, caring and patient with me when I would call inquiring on the updates with the application; and then when it was found that Anya was sick with a parasite. Danielle is an asset to the shelter. Lastly, thank you for allowing me the joy of being Anya’s new mom. I can’t imagine life without her.

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