The BatmanBatman was a sweet, shy kitten I took home with the intention to foster until he had grown enough to be neutered, a minimum 2 pounds/8 weeks old. The day after he came to my house, he began limping and within a day wouldn’t walk on his left rear leg. Visits to a veterinarian and then a specialist revealed that Batman had a damaged knee that would only heal properly through surgery, which the shelter agreed to do. Surgery was scheduled for a couple of weeks after the initial diagnosis. A few hours after I dropped Batman off at Advanced Veterinary Care Group in Canton, Dr. Dennis Elmer called to say that once Batman had been anesthetized, Dr. Elmer was able to get a really good look at the knee and discovered that, against all odds, it had healed properly. Within a few weeks, Batman’s limp had disappeared, but he’d already left pawprints on my heart. I officially made Batman a part of the family, welcoming him permanently into my household of four other cats and two dogs. He seems to have no idea there was ever a plan to return him to the shelter to be adopted by someone else, and I’m not going to tell him!

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