Boomer LashbrookWe just wanted to update you on our Boomer (formerly known as Drew). He is doing fantastic! He loves to wrestle with his big sister, Maddie, and is giving her quite a run for the money! Our oldest dog, Jake, was afraid of Boomer at first, and now prefers to ignore him. However, Boomer likes to get a rise out of him by biting and hanging onto his tail; or giving him a nip in the butt. He enjoys sneak attacking both bigger dogs, then running under our bed, the ottoman or behind the couch to hide. It’ll be interesting to see what he does once he can no longer fit under those things!

He’s definitely bringing us a lot of joy and we are all getting more exercise! He’s our third rescue dog and I can’t imagine adopting any other way. They make the best fur-ever friends.

Thanks so much for giving our Boomer a safe and loving start to his life, and know that he is receiving the same and more with us!

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