BuddyI met Buddy at the shelter in October quite by happen-chance when I was in Dearborn to deliver some donations for Black Tie and Tails. He stuck his foot out of the cage and purred when I touched him. I wasn’t looking for a new pet and never even opened his cage or held him . . . just met him through the wires. It was 5PM and the shelter was closing. I left the shelter and later that night I left Michigan and returned home to Atlanta. For 12 hours in the car I couldn’t get that friendly cat out of my thoughts. About 3 weeks later, fearing that people would think I was crazy, I surreptitiously drove almost 800 miles back to Michigan to pick up my new friend . . . a black and white, previously unneutered, adult tomcat who “spoke to me” and won my heart.

“Won my heart” is an understatement. He is the greatest cat ever! He is incredibly sweet, loves the car, loves me, loves life, loves food, loves everyone including the Vet. He doesn’t have any bad habits and gives me endless pleasure. He never wants to let me get out of his sight. Truthfully Buddy thinks he is a dog . . . he acts like one. He’s a healthy, happy, nineteen pound lovable nuisance that is laying on the keyboard “helping” me as I’m trying to tell his story. He was named Buddy quite by default because I couldn’t think of a good name and after saying “come here buddy” endlessly the name Buddy stuck. It fits him.

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