We saw Cynthia (Callie) on the Dearborn Animal Shelter website & inquired about her. She was in isolation with an upper respiratory infection, so we had to wait before we could meet her. But we decided to fill out the adoption papers anyways. When we dropped them off they let us see her. She was so tiny. Her picture from the website did not do her justice. We had to wait another 2 weeks before she was able to be spayed so we could pick her up from our vet to come to her forever home. Callie is such a HOOT! She is so cuddly & has so much love to give. Callie fit right in with us & her 2 older brothers Taz (13 yrs old) & Simba (12 yrs old). Callie bonded very quickly with Taz, as you can see in the picture. (Callie is the tortoiseshell in the picture) Callie is also very smart, she learned her new name in 3 days.

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