Chowder HowellsHello my name is Stephanie Howells and I adopted Chowder (all white exotic short hair) this past August 2010. Here’s our story!

I first met Chowder at the shelter this past August and instantly fell in love. After bringing Chowder home, he settled right in. He has the sweetest personality and is as playful as he is affectionate. Chowder sleeps with me every night. He loves looking out the window and hanging out by the cages of the other animals in the house (a bunny and a rat). In fact he has claimed a storage box that sits on a shelf adjacent to the other animal’s cages – I guess he wanted a boxed-home of his own. Chowder also has a very healthy appetite and has become my very own little mewing alarm clock! Thanks Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter for helping me find my new best friend!!

Stephanie & Chowder

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