DD & Simone GawthropI work at the shelter. Everyday I see so many animals who need someone to love them. I have no idea what possessed me the one day last summer to say I would take this little bully puppy (the white one in the photo) home to socialize her for “a couple of weeks”. Well, the name Princess Diana, though cute, seemed like a mouthful so Aiden, my 4-year-old grandson & I decided to call her DD for short. I took DD to Linda’s puppy training classes & she did well. She managed to fit in with our 6-year-old lab, Maddie & 2 year-old pit mix, Simone. Despite her learning to jump the fence, she’s been an awesome dog & we adopted her. Though some days when Aiden is just fed up with her inquisitive puppy ways he asks “is DD going back?” Nope, we love her.

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