Dori AlbeeHello friends, I am writing to let you know how great Daisy is doing! We are literally pinching ourselves about how perfect she is. The first day we definitely had some potty accidents in the house, but my husband was home all weekend and was very diligent in getting her out every hour. And so far yesterday and today she has not gone in the house. She’s really good with our daughter and even playful with the cats, unfortunately the cats aren’t exactly happy about their new playmate yet…lol The cats our still hanging out with us all though and seem to be getting more comfortable. We started calling her Dori, our neighbors dog is named Daisy, but Dori doesn’t seem to mind that we changed her name. She doesn’t bark at all, we actually started to worry whe couldn’t bark, but we finally heard her making some sounds yesterday. She even listens really well when you tell her not to chew something ,we’ve only had a few casualties so far. The entire family is so happy to have her in our home, she’s really a joy to have around and she is just a happy as can be; she LOVES running free in the back yard! Thank you all so much for doing what you do, you’re these pets first real family.


The Albees

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