Dr. Indiana Jones Watts (Indy, Dr. Jones, Chubby Checker, Chorizo, Bosco)

We were searching for a companion for our Daisy Mae, a Jack Russell from Kentucky Russell Rescue, when we found Indy. Even though his previous owners had said “no kids, no other dogs and no cats,” the Shelter let us do play time there with our daughters Lucy and Maggie, and with Daisy. We decided to foster him for a couple of weeks first, but he’d won our hearts at his first snorky bark (must be the Chihuahua in him). The first night he trounced up the stairs and slept with Lucy, who is now almost eleven. He loves snuggling in a blanket, chewing up rope toys and tennis balls, play fighting with Daisy, and having shovels full of snow thrown at him. No kidding! Check out the video we posted. We love our Indy boy and are glad to have him every day.
Indy takes a break from catching a very slobbery ball in the summer heat.

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