DSCN0078My husband and I adopted Dusty at the age of 4 months. He is a mixed Shepherd/Lab and the most wonderful, smart, loving, protective dog in the world. Being a puppy back then, he didn’t know much of anything and we were told he would probably be a “handful”.  However, at that time we had another mixed Shepherd also, who was a wonderful, super-smart dog by the name of Max. Max took Dusty under his wing, so to speak, and literally taught him all he knew as far as even house-breaking him. They were inseparable. Sadly 4 years later Max passed on at the age of 14. He trained Dusty so well, he took over all of his “dads” duties. He is an 85 lb. cuddly puppy with us, but I wouldn’t suggest a stranger walking in – he might not walk out. Dusty was very depressed over the loss of Max, so we adopted another buddy for him. He is an Australian Shepherd who was severely abused before we got him and with the help of a trainer and Dusty, and now almost 3 years later, he is a happy, healthy dog, although somewhat scatter brained. He was 1 1/2 years old when we got him and never really had a puppyhood and once he was here with us started his puppyhood. After all this time, he still acts like a puppy. We also have 2 adopted cats and the Aussie is constantly herding them. However, the kitties outsmart him every time. We are now again a happy family with our furry kids and believe your shelter is the only way to go. Right now I don’t have a picture of Dusty in my PC, but this was his dad. Will update soon.

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