Eartha MacfarlaneOn October 20, my wife & I attended your wonderful adoption event next to the Pet Supplies Plus on Telegraph. The volunteers, there in abundance, were friendly, positive and excited about the animals & the prospective adoptees. It was obvious that each & every one had a true love for the animals in their care. We had come to the event in hopes of finding a young cat to add to our family, and unfortunately there were many to choose from. However, the choice was easy once I met Willow. It was love at first sight, and the adoption process was quick, thorough and easy. Willow, who is now known as Eartha Kitten, fell asleep in the crate on the way to her new home.

I want to particularly thank the volunteers who must have spent hours & hours nurturing, playing and loving Willow, because I can imagine no other reason for her unyielding confidence and affection. She is a real love, enjoying cuddling, naps on laps, and purring her deep rumbling purr as she rubs her face to yours. And as lovely as that is, what is most wonderful about her is the confidence. She was almost immediately sure that the house & everything in it was as much hers as anybodys. Within 5 hours of being here she was asleep, on my bed, next to her new siser, Piper the dog, as if she had been doing for months. Her introduction to her other sister, Smokey, the 14-year-old cat, has been slower and Willow has handled it all perfectly. It has gone well, and they even napped together for a bit yesterday. She is smart, brave, funny & the perfect salve to the wound of losing our other cat to her 3rd bout with cancer. You simply cannot help but be happy when Eartha is about.

She did come to us with a bit of a cold, & after a visit to the vet, she is getting nose drops, antibiotics & nutritional supplements throughout the day. She is taking it all in stide & holds no grudge when I administer them; again a testament to her handing in her youth. You have a marvelous organization with tremendous volunteers. Thank you again for connecting my family with its latest member.

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