Nemo (L) and Ernie (R)I brought Ernie home from the shelter about a month ago, and he has been an absolute delight. He is so playful, not a mouse or feather is safe, but he’ll also sit in my lap and purr and purr, and even let me trim his nails. He has settled right in like he owns the place, causing some annoyance to the resident cat, Nemo (who was adopted from the DAS 3 years ago). They wrestle a good bit, but there’s no hissing or growling, and they seem to have come to an understanding: Ernie can sit where he likes, but Nemo reserves the right to sit on top of him. The only trouble I’ve had with Ernie is that he is pretty much the same color as my carpet and I’ve tripped over him a couple of times. He’s such a good boy and I’m very glad he has joined us!

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