Finnigan chillin' out in his favorite chairFinnigan is such a good boy and is so lovable and loyal. He was in the shelter for 6 months before finding his forever home with us and was the “office pet”, and we can see why. He just wants to be next to you and nuzzle up to your foot and guard you. He is such a big cuddle bug and a good boy. He has been comfy in our family for 3 1/2 years now (along with his sister, Daisy, who we rescued a year and half later) and has made each of our days a little brighter with his proud and gentle spirit. We love our Finnigan, he’s our “Big Bubbers” who will always be in our hearts. We also wanted to thank The Friends of The Dearborn Animal Shelter for all their hard work and their patience with all the animals they work with.

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