Ohhh,  I LOVE my new home!!   I think I'll take a nap right here...We had just put our 6 year old Ragdoll Mia down due to illness and felt this horrible emptiness in the house. We knew we had to get a new “Mia” to help us with the grieving process and bring life back to our house. We decided to go to the Pet Expo in Novi “to just look”, yea right. After walking around almost the whole show, we stopped by the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter booth and, by the time we left, Gary had won our hearts!! He had been sleeping in his litter box ALL DAY, so Stephanie (one of the helpers) woke him up and pulled him out. He was a little dusty and dirty from being in his litter box, but the immediate connection to myself and my husband out weighed his “cleanliness”. He instantly won our hearts and my husband looked up at Elaine and said “we’ll pick him up Monday!!! Since he’s been in our house, he has adapted VERY well. He is quite comfy in his new house and loves to look out our windows! He is also quite the talker and has even taddled on my husband a couple of times! LOL He plays with every single toy we have gotten him and his favorite is the cirlce with the balls in it that goes around and around. It drives him nuts!! He is very loveable and comes to us when we call him by name. He will even sit for a treat!! He has been an awesome addition to our family and has helped us in so many ways already in just the short time we have had him. We still miss our Mia and nothing can ever replace her but, Gary has definitely won our hearts and has a “forever” home now. Thanks to EVERYONE at the shelter for giving these animals so much love , a safe place and also for finding them good forever homes!!

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