Hazel Hastie

Hazel is a beautiful cat and has become a much loved member of our family.  She integrated into our life beautifully and has become friends with our other cat, a female named Fletcher.  She loves to spend time snoozing in the window or watching all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that come to our feeders.  She has even come “nose to nose” with a few squirrels that come right up to our patio door!  She loves to play laser tag with the laser pointer and she likes to help make the bed by chasing your fingers under the sheets.  She is incredibly curious and extremely playful and likes to sleep on top of my husband’s computer when he is not looking ☺ She is even adapting well to our new dog that we adopted a few weeks ago from the Michigan Humane Society.  Hazel’s nicknames are ‘Hazelnut” and “Hey-Hey”.  She has brought so much joy to our household and has become a great companion to us all, especially to my daughter.

It has been such a wonderful experience to adopt an adult cat and give her the life she was meant to have.  I wish that I could do it for every animal there.  Many thanks for all you do every day to save these beautiful animals.  My greatest wish is that they all find their forever homes.


The Hastie Family

Hazel Hastie

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