Sleepy HermoineMy boyfriend and I adopted Hermoine in November and she is doing SOOO wonderful!! She was a 4-month-old kitten at the time.  Hermoine is white with a black dot on her face and a racoon tail. She is healthy, VERY affectionate and currently sitting on my shoulder purring as I type this. She has been really good for our other, older, less social cat… and now they are little buddies, chasing each other and playing all of the time. She sleeps with us; on our heads actually. She loves to climb our Christmas tree and chase her tail. She’s been such a blessing to our household. I’m very impressed with how social and affectionate she is with people and pets. The people and volunteers at the shelter did an excellent job cuddling and playing with her to help nuture her great personality. We are very grateful!! Thank you so much for our lovely little Hermoine!!

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