In the fall of 2009 my family and I set out for Dearborn from Hamilton, Ontario to adopt this beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We set out expecting to stay in a hotel and pick up Butterscotch first thing Monday morning. However, fate didn’t see it that way and we blew the car engine half way there. As we waited for a tow truck my wife said “Maybe Karma is trying to tell us not to adopt this dog.”

The next morning we received the news that the car would never see the road again, so we rented a car and continued the trip. We decided to change Butterscotch’s name to Karma. Karma is my best friend. She rarely leaves my side. The photo shows Karma enjoying the dog park. I worked with the city to have the park built in her honor. It is named Karma Hill. Karma runs ahead but comes racing as soon as I blow a whistle.

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