Knox (aka Baxter)My boyfriend and I adopted Knox (aka Baxter) back on October 29th 2012. When we saw him on pet we knew right away he was our dog. Everyone at the shelter was very friendly when we went to go meet him. After they took him out of the cage and we went into the play room we fell in love with him.  He is such an amazing dog (words can’t even describe).  As I type this is he actually passed out sleeping in my lap. We know he loves us because he is always by us whenever possible. I was a little worried when we first got him because he is a lab/pit bull mix, and I have never owned a pit bull before. BUT Knox is such a sweetheart.  I’ve never met a more happy loving dog in my whole life. From now on I will always adopt and try to rescue pit bulls, they are so loving and loyal. Training was VERY easy with him too; within 3 days he already knew to go potty outside.  He did amazing with my other dog who is a Jack Russell Terrier, he loves her so much. Anytime we are out in public at the pet store or partridge creek (an outdoor dog friendly mall).  He is so obedient and listens anytime we say sit and stay. He does amazing around other dogs as we have seen other dogs pull on their leash and try to run towards him and he just sits there and wags his tail. He has literally become our “fur baby”.  Thank you so much Dearborn Animal Shelter for our amazing baby. I highly recommend adopting a puppy or dog from this Shelter.

-Karisa, Troy, & Knox

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