My sweet girl LaverneI fostered Laverne for six months because she was such a shy girl who had come to the shelter as a stray. Potential adopters met her, but time and again, would decide she wasn’t the right dog for them. In January 2010, a young man saw Laverne on the website, we arranged a meeting, and he adopted her. The next day, she fled from his house, and despite an extensive search effort by her adopter, shelter staff and volunteers, Laverne wasn’t seen again until the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society captured her after receiving a call from a concerned Detroit resident about a dog in a neighboring garage. This was 65 days after Laverne had gone missing, and 12 miles from the home of her adopter. Upon hearing that Laverne had been found and was in good health, he signed her over to the shelter, and I adopted her and brought her back home. She seems quite content with me, my husband, and her buddy Uma, our other dog, to whom Laverne had bonded right away when I first brought her home. Even the cats accepted her back into the fold the day she returned.

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