I was looking through the shelter at the available dogs. Max was approximately one-years old. Unfortunately he was abused by his previous owners. They said he was too rambunctious. He is a puppy and a working dog breed; what were they expecting? He was a German Sherpherd/Australian Shepherd mix. They guessed his birthday as 10/1/02, but i changed his birthday to 9/13/02. That way he was adopted on his birthday. It was a new beginning for both of us. I must admit Max was a little destructive at first, but only if I neglected him. He would wait patiently all day for me to come home and then he wanted to play. We were just a couple of care-free bachelors. However, if I was tired and if I dared to doze off on the couch, he would start his destructiveness. He chewed up my carpet, couch and about 8 pairs of shoes. However, he was worth it.

Several years later when I got married my wife told me that he would nip her when I wasn’t looking. Not my boy; she must have been imagining it. Now they are best of friends. My wife has MS and is unable to work any more. We are unable to have children and we are pet parents. Max keeps her company all day and she says she does not know what she would do without him.

Because we loved Max so much, we decided to get him a companion. Her name is Mattie (an Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix) and she was adopted from another rescue group. She was severely abused by her previous owners and even after two years, she still exhibits some bad behavior from the abuse. She dominates Max and he is so easy-going that he lets her get away with most of it.  But, for the most part they get along very well. Although she steals all his chew bones and toys.

I can say that we will always adopt our ‘kids’ and never purchase one. We are very pleased with our children and they are spoiled. As I don’t have to tell anyone who has four-legged children, they give back much more than we seem to give them.

Bob & Norma

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