Mocha & Abby

On August 7, 2010 I set out to adopt two cats after hearing a piece in the news the night before highlighting the overpopulation of cats at the shelter. That day, I left with “Poe” (a male cat, about 3 months at the time) who I named Mocha. A week later I adopted a 3-year-old female cat named Kathy; whom I named Abby (the Tabby). They are both brown & black Tabbies. Abby is short-haired with some white; Mocha is long-haired.

There were a couple of expected tense days integrating the 2; but they have ever since been good company for each other. It took awhile for them to learn house rules & for us to get acquainted with one another; but they’re doing fairly well now (sort of) with things like not knocking over Mumma’s plant & not eating it, etc.

Mocha has been a “love bug” from the start. He just HAS to sit on Mumma’s lap every day. He wasn’t fully grown when I got him; but he is now – and he’s a BIG boy – and FLUFFY! Nicknames for him include Mocha Bean, Mocha Poka Bean, Sugar Booger Bear & Honey Buncha OOOOOats.

Abby is not a lap kitty; but will sit on my lap on a rare occasion. I have sensed her ties with a previous owner made bonding to me a bit of adjustment for her. She is a sweet girl, and any sign of a bond developing or deepening feels like a victory to me. She eats like a horse and is ALWAYS in motion. She LOVES exploration and adventure – all indoors; so she burns it up. She loves to sit on the sink top when I’m getting ready for work in the morning & watch everything I do. Her sign of affection is rubbing heads with Mumma. Abby has a few nicknames too (such as Butter Bean), but mostly, I just call her “B” or occasionally “ABIGAIL!” since her activities sometimes get her in trouble. She likes it (I’ve imagined) when I sing her name to Beethoven’s Fifth (B-B-B–B-B-B-B-B-B!). Or maybe . . .when she looks at me and blinks it’s not because she enjoys it; but because she’s wondering when I’ll stop.

At our old apartment there were pine trees RIGHT off the balcony so the kitties could watch birds & squirrels that came to perch. I worried that there wouldn’t be the same attractions at the new aprtment; but that is NOT the case. Though there aren’t any trees right up close to the building; there is a wooded area close by; and the apartment complex next door has ponds which attract ducks and geese.

At our new home there are FIVE deer that come out of the woods almost daily and MANY ducks and geese which come to graze the wide-open field in front of our building. The kitties are endlessly fascinated with the wildlife they see out the window. The rooms are bigger; and there are more and bigger closets to explore and hide in. It has been a good move for all of us!

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