Mrs. Puff, or Missy

006I am a new volunteer at the Shelter, and when I saw Mrs. Puff during the shelter tour during my orientation, she immediately intrigued me. I mentioned that to the volunteer coordinator, Irene. Of the types of duties available at the shelter, I enjoy most the off-site adoption events (where we take animals to pet stores, or have other events away from the shelter). Strangely enough, Mrs. Puff was scheduled to be at every one of my off-site events. And even more interesting is that she was always put in a cage right next to the table where I did my particular duties as adoption counselor. (I wonder how that happened, Irene!) Well, it didn’t take more than 3 events for me to know for sure that Mrs. Puff was destined to join me and my 8 year-old Maine Coon mix, Schatzie. The introductions went exceedingly well, and we three girls are really enjoying each other’s company. Thank you, Dearborn Animal Shelter (and Irene)!!

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