Tootsie, now Myrra, lives with 1 cat and 3 people & loves chasing squirrels. She has acclimated beautifully! She is loving and enjoying having the freedom to run around the yard. Myrra is a wonderful addition to our family.

Our daughter, Hanna is now 14 years old. In March of 2003 we adopted our first pet from you. Hanna was just 5 years old when we adopted our cat, Oreo. Your shelter sent a photographer to our home to take a photo of the two of them and the picture was used on local billboards. Oreo died in August of this year at the age of 9 & 1/2. He was a funny cat whom Hanna adored. It was because of our great adoption experience with Oreo that led us back to you to find a dog. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We are thrilled to have found yet another “BFF” at the Dearborn Animal Shelter!

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