192We started fostering Oscar almost 2 years ago when he along with 104 other chihuahuas were pulled from the house in Dearborn. He was very scared and unsocialized. The first few weeks he hid in the back of his crate that we had in a quit room in our house. He was so scared that to clean his crate we had to handle him with extreme caution. Once I knew that I could catch him in a reasonable amount of time with no injury to either him or me. I let him start wandering out into the room. We introduced him to our other dogs and he seemed to feel more comfortable. I think it relaxed him alot to see the other dogs interacting with us. A few more weeks of having group socialization and he was coming up and smelling me if I wasn’t looking at him. It was a very, very, slow process. In the follwing months Oscar allowed me to pet him and hold him. I took him everywhere with me. He spent a great deal of time in my jacket sleeping/ hiding. But it seemed to relax him to be stuffed in there. When it came time to let him venture outside to start the housebreaking, we hooked him to our very mellow golden retriever and she led the way. He felt so much more comfortable being with just the dogs. So for new situations we paired him with Sophie.

Almost a year after having him in foster care we decided to adopt him. He had become so dependant on us that we didn’t think it would be fair to try and send him some place new. Oscar has now officially been a part of our family for a little over a year. My husband and Oscar are starting to bond. Oscar is finally warming up to him; which is so fantastic to see.

Oscar and I have had a special relationship since the car ride home from the shelter. He has taught me so much about myself. He now acts like a typical dog when he is at home. He is housebroke, crate training, the whole bit. He also comes to work with me everyday and sleeps in a bed under my desk. If people see me out without him they ask if he is ok. He still has alot of anxiety about other people. But considering where he has come from I am so proud of the progress he has made. When people meet him they always want to know his story. He has made alot of people look towards rescue and he has pulled on alot of heart strings. People love him even though he won’t go anywhere near them. He is my little baby boy. Words can’t describe the love and appriecation I have for him. We enjoy watching him grow and hit a differant milestone everyday!!! Thank you to the staff of The Dearborn Animal Shelter for saving him and bringing him into our lives.

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