Polo WrightThe photo is of Polo grooming Thumper; and just hanging out with her. We knew – as Foster Masters – we shouldn’t be allowing him on the furniture, but by this time, we subconsciously knew we’d be keeping him; so allowed him to partake in our family’s pet leniency. Polo gets along just as well with our grandchildren and other family dog visitors, as he does Thumper.

We had some adjustments, as he wouldn’t eat the first few days, and had a couple of accidents in the house. But he’s eating normally now, and, after a few mild admonishments, has become accident free.

We quickly discovered that Polo is somewhat traumatized at the sound of thunder, and we found him hiding in the back of a closet in the midst of a thunderstorm. He is still frightened of thunder, but is getting better at each incident, choosing to just stay close, rather than hiding.

During the first few weeks, he continually pushed doors open to leave the house and wander off, seemingly looking for his past family. On several occasions he broke out to jump in any car that had an open door, including the mail truck. Discovering this odd practice, we’ve taken measures to secure the doors better, and take him for car rides when we can, to scratch that itch. Now, he waits for an invitation before leaving the house or entering an open-door car. We also added another walk to his schedule, and he is quickly learning his new parameters.

After losing Jackson – our dog of 15 years – last February, we were skeptical of ever finding another dog that could live up to his manners and personality. However, Polo has proven us wrong. By combining our loving patience with Polo’s eagerness-to-please, we have the rewards of a well-behaved, trusting, and loyal new family member.

We extend our gratitude to our favorite charity, FFDAS, for their efforts on Polo’s behalf, as well as all the critters in their competent care. They listened carefully to what we wanted in a foster dog and our concerns about compatibility with Thumper. They matched us perfectly. We will be adopting Polo.

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