I adopted Tysan, the terrier mix one week ago and I just wanted to let you know….I LOVE HIM!!!! He is healing from his neutering and will be getting a good grooming next week….he is a little furball of love and is very playful…I look forward to coming home after work to his little face and wagging tail….he loves to have his belly rubbed and loves to give kisses…! I dont know who is more happy to see who at the end of a day…thank you so much! I will be forwarding pictures of him after he gets cleaned up!

Oh, and his name is now Rico! He is a great dog! Thank you so much!!!

The photo is Tysan AFTER his hair cut….!   He had so many mats in his hair it took a long time to get them cut out but he is a very happy boy!!!  He is jumping around and chasing his toys (he brings them back to me too!)…he feels so much better without the mats tugging at his skin….he is even more affectionate than ever…he is the greatest !!!  Cant wait for his hair to grow back in and brush it so it stays the way it should (clean and untangled and matted)…he will (and is) be a great looking little fella and he knows it!!!  Thanks again!!

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