Rocky Racoon

Rocky’s favorite toy or activity? Anything, anywhere, anytime – he’s easily entertained! In October of 2008 we adopted Phantom from PAWS. He took awhile to adapt; but he became a wonderful pet…then he started to get lazy, so we decided we’d look for a companion for him.

One day last December I was close to the shelter, so I stopped in. One of your volunteers helped me and took out this kitten and gave him to me to hold; his name was Beaker. He’s a cream colored mackerel (striped) tabby. It was LOVE in under 10 seconds. He was so friendly and loving, I knew he was the pet for our home. Our lives have been so enhanced by the addition of this kitten.

Beaker, now known as Rocky Raccoon because of his striped tail, has helped our other cat to become more playful and kitten-like. They are best pals. Rocky does not need toys…he makes a toy out of anything and everything. We are pleased with the whole experience of adopting a pet from your shelter. We would highly recommend your shelter to any of our relatives or friends. Many thanks!

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