OUR ROCKY IS THE BEST NEW ADDITION TO OUR FAMILYMy husband is a truck driver and he needed a co pilot to keep him company. We already have 3 dogs but they are older and I would not let him take one of them LOL.  So we decided to get a puppy; but then we thought that there are probably so many shelter dogs that want to be adopted.   We decided to adopt, so we went to the Dearborn Animal Shelter and looked through all the cages.  I wanted to take every one of them home.  My husband had his heart set on one he had seen on the website; but when he met him it just didn’t feel right.  So we kept looking; then one of the dogs caught my eye, there was something about him.  I wanted him so bad.  He was the one.  His name is Rocky now and he has fit in out family like he has been part of our lives since he was a puppy.  He is our new baby; the most loving and affectionate dog we could ask for. 🙂

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