Roxy (formerlly Rosalia) in her first Christmas sweater!   5 months oldRoxy (formerlly Rosalia) spent aobut 2 weeks in her own “suite” as her two new older brothers and one older sister became adapted to her sharing the home. Right away, she had a great appetite and loved playing with all the new toys , scratching posts and especially her tiny fuzzy “mousie”. Since then, Roxy has become a part of the feline family at our house, getting along well with her siblings. She is quite a brave little girl, “attack playing” her big brothers! She is very smart – she almost immediatley began to fetch and retrieve / return her “mousie” to me. Sometimes she will even put it into my nearby slipper or shoe! Roxy already knows her place to eat in in her room (all the cats eat separately twice a day) and races up the stairs at feeding time. She also loves to climb to the top of the 4 foot scratching pole we have to show off being “queen of the mountain” to her siblings! Roxy appears to like water as well – not being afraid to enter a shower, or take a jump into a washtub or sink to get her feet wet. We love her already, and hope she will continue to bond and become very close with her siblings. The picture I attached is with her Christmas sweater on. How cute is that?! I also have one with her looking out the doorwall at a leaf with her two brothers – will send that in a separate note. The VERY BEST thing about Roxy is her sweet little “sqeak / squawking” talk and how she purrs while sleeping right up against your neck. I only wish I could have taken her sisters as well, and hope they have found (or will soon) a home as good as their sister Rosalia / Roxy.

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