P1040652When I first came to the shelter, I was looking at the cats and little Rue stuck her paw out got my attention when I was playing with another cat. When I opened up her cage, she got right into my mom’s arms. She was such a beautiful cat!! I knew I wanted her right away – but a name change was in order!! 🙂 That day I adopted Rue and another cat named Mia. Rue purred loudly for the whole first two days of being home. She is such a cuddly and loving animal. She sleeps at the very foot of my bed and loves to wake me up by nudging me with her nose and purring loudly. We joke and say that Rue loves to show off her long legs because she constantly sprawls them out fanning out her paws. She is just a relaxed and happy cat! Mia is a little more hyper than Rue – but Rue is getting used to Mia and has even started playing with Mia! I love Rue’s back paws – they are both completely black like she is wearing little boots!! Mia and Rue are my first cats and I have to say – I love them so much!! They are a funny pair and I could not have asked for sweeter cats!!

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