photoI adopted Selphie from the Dearborn Animal Shelter over four years ago. She had lived for almost exactly an entire year in the shelter by the time I found her and was estimated to be three years ago. I visited the cat trailer outside, hoping to find in particular, a fluffy orange cat because I had wanted one ever since I was a child. I entered the trailer and sat down on the floor and Selphie immediately ran up to me and jumped into my lap. She was not orange, and not fluffy at the time because her fur had been shaven down at some point, but SHE chose ME and I could not say no. I went home with her that day and brought her back to New Jersey with me where I was an undergraduate student. I returned to Michigan and couple years ago.  Just this past August 2011 her vet found a cancerous mammary tumor on her during a routine exam. She had a surgery to remove the tumor immediately, and after I did some fundraising she had a much larger mastectomy in December. Selphie is now cancer free and living well, almost 8 years old. She is the most loving and attentive animal I have ever had and I am so glad she chose to come home with me. She has even allowed me to train her to do tricks for treats including sit, shake, up, lay down, roll over, and give me a kiss! There is a video of her tricks on her facebook page, enjoy!

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