Shiloh Jenvey


When I came into the shelter to drop off a donation check with a friend, I never imagined that the next day, I would be walking out with my best friend, my sunshine. As soon as I saw Shiloh (Shay), we had an instant connection. Her eyes are so expressive, she listened to every word I said to her. As soon as we brought her home, we knew we had something special. She learned the house rules quickly, and she is always happy and playful. The kids just love her, she is always cuddling up to them and giving kisses and letting them pet her. She is truly an amazing dog. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for the Dearborn Animal Shelter and the wonderful gift you have given my family.

Little did Shay know when she was at the shelter that Kristen Jenvey of Farmington Hills, would come to change her life—give her a life on February 25, 2010. Now named Shiloh, Kristen tells us the pup loves tennis balls. “She is always carrying one around in her mouth.”

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