Stewie "Stew Dogg," doing what he does best...just hanging out!This happy tail starts with a sad story: About seven years ago, the family dog I had grown up with had to be put to sleep after a heartbreaking battle with hip displasyia. Since I was getting ready to move out on my own, I was searching for a little (read: apartment-friendly) dog of my own, and I am so glad I found him at the Dearborn Animal Shelter.
When I entered the shelter, I didn’t think I would find a small dog–there were so many big, cute and friendly ones, but I needed a dog that could live in an apartment. I turned a corner and there was “Mr. Puggs” (I’ve identified him to be something of a cross between a Jack Russel Terrier and a Chihuahua). He had only been at the shelter for about a week, and since he was so adorable there was a high demand for him–I was fourth in line to adopt him. The shelter informed me that if I went to a bid process, I would have a chance at getting the little guy I had so quickly fallen in love with.
I showed up for the bid process with reasonable expectations–I was a broke college student on a budget and didn’t think I stood a chance against high bidders with deeper pockets. However, as luck would have it, no one else showed up! It was meant to be.
Mr. Puggs became known as Stewie, and is the best friend a girl could ask for. Over the years he has been there for me through good times and bad, a cross-country move, and he makes an excellent traveling companion whether we are flying to El Paso, TX to visit my Grandparents (Stewie’s Great-Grandparents) or just running errands around town. Stewie loves to make new friends, take leisurely strolls around Royal Oak (where we currently live), and, at 9 years old he still loves to jump and “dance” on his hind legs for treats!
I wanted to share my story of the best seven years of my life that my buddy has given me, and I am hopeful he has at least seven more in store for us! For anyone who is anxious about adopting a pet, I implore you to choose this option over all the others. The dog my family had put to sleep right before I got Stewie was a purebred, very expensive German Shepherd who would end up having a debilitating and life-threatening genetic condition, and left our family heartbroken when her life ended too soon. My little guy, however, is everything I could ask for and it doesn’t matter where he came from or “what” he is! What he is, to me, is amazing and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. FAMD rocks!

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