Sunflower SWEETUMS

A Very Happy Ending & Two New Best FriendsMy cat Olivia was lonely & it was boring all day long while I was @ work……..being that she is only 2 years old she needed a new friend to enjoy cat life with ! I saw Sunflower on the Dearborn Animals website & she was being sheltered at the same Vet that Olivia goes to so I knew it was meant-to-be. She is full of energy and after a short adjustment time (maybe two weeks)…..Olivia & Sunflower Sweetums are best friends ! Sunflower chases Olivia and Olivia seems much happier to have someone to “talk” to :=) Thank you Dearborn Animal Shelter and just to let you know also – Sunflower LOVES her little crochet blankie that she came with. I see her sleeping on it in her cat tree and looking very happy to have a home with us !

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