Sunnie S.

August 19, 2010

Director Dearborn Animal shelter and Staff,

Today Sunnie S. #49 of Chihuahua Rescue 2009 is celebrating her 4 year birthday.  It was 1 year ago today, I brought Sunnie home.

We moved to northern Michigan in May.  We were unable to make the chihuahua reunion.  Sunnie sends her best wishes to all the chihuahuas and families, and hopes all the chihuahuas have been adopted. Sunnie has received 4 new toys for her birthday.  She must have about 40 toys now.  She loves to play with all her toys.  It’s really comical she will play then start barking so I will play with her and her toys.  Then she gives me kisses.  She is so loving. And of course I prepared her favorite meal for her birthday, chicken.

I taught her how to howl we call it singing, it’s so cute, she loves music, and likes to hear you sing.  She loves watching TV.  Sunnie has two beds, one in the living room for family time and one in the dining room for night time.  Both of Sunnie’s beds are sheep skin.  She has a lot of baby blankets and quilts.  I change her bedding weekly.  She loves her baths with her oatmeal shampoo.

Sunnie is a good eater.  I feed her Purina x-small food for toy breeds.  And she loves treats too.

For Christmas 2009 Sunnie had her very own Christmas tree.  I decorated a 3 ft. tall tree for her with multi colored lights and all the ornaments were of chihuahuas.  I had the tree set up on top of my kitchen counter.  She really liked her tree.  Sunnie received Christmas toys and Christmas blankets for the holidays.

I take Sunnie to the veterinarian every 6 months to have her toe nails cut.  She has her regular check ups with her shots.  She is in very good health.  My vet calls her a gem.  I call her my Angel.  Sunnie loves people and everyone loves her.  She does really well on a leash now.

I cannot thank you enough for the phone call on August 19, 2009 asking me if I still wanted to adopt a chihuahua from the 2009 Rescue.  We wish you all the very best.  I will keep in contact with you.

Thank you,

Daniel, Shelly and Sunnie S.

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