Tiger HastyTiger loves her big basket full of toys and bones. She loves running in the yard and going for a walk. We are not real sure whether she is potty trained; she does fairly well, but when she’s taken outside to potty, doesn’t act like she knows what she is supposed to do. But she is smart and I’m sure will catch on.

February 2012 update!

This is our story.  We came to the shelter on the day of the 2011 open house just to look around.  We had lost our Hooch earlier that month.  I looked around where the small dogs are kept; we were looking to find a girl, maybe another pitbull.  I had no luck; but outside my husband had came across Ashbee.  She had a pitbull-looking face and brindle coloring.  Even though our little Maddie wasn’t crazy about her, we took her.  Ashbee is now named Tiger and she has made a quite, dull place just a whole lot more exciting.  She wakes up playing and goes to sleep playing.  Tiger loves to play, play, play with her 30 toys!

My husband can’t go to work without taking her for a walk first.  She has this screech she lets out when things don’t go her way when you are playing with her or giving her a bath.  We call her our devil child.  But on the other hand, she is a big lover, gets on you, puts both arms around your neck and cuddles on your shoulder.  So precious.

Maddie is warming up a little bit; but Tiger likes to be alpha dog, so she keeps her distance.  But Maddie can hold her own if she has to.  Thank you Dearborn Animal Shelter for enriching our lives with Ashbee, now Tiger.


Dave, Claudie & Maddie (Maddie is still on the fence)

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