recycleBeing the ultimate recyclers of thousands of lives, the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit encourage and support recycling in all forms.  To this end we have compiled some suggestions on how to recycle items that you may acquire in your pet household or from the Friends.

Please consider the following before throwing items into a landfill:

Greeting Cards

–  If you purchased a package of Holiday Cards from the Friends you know that we took care to consider the environment when selecting our card production process and material.

We would like to remind you that depending on the bag your cards came in, the packaging can

  • Be used to archive old photos or papers if plastic based
  • Or, if plant based, it can be recycled or composted

–  If you received a Holiday Card produced by the Friends you will be pleased to know that we took care to consider the environment when selecting our card production process and material.  Your card and envelopes are made with 10% PCW recycled material and the printer uses eco-friendly processes and inks.

Furthermore we would like to suggest the following ideas for recycling your cards after the holidays.

1.  Donate. Instead of throwing your cards away, donate them to Arts & Scraps.

2.  Art

  • Frame card fronts and display year-round.
  • Use a card as a mat for a photo.
  • Use the back page of a card as a filler in a frame.

3.  Gift Tags. Cut out the picture, punch a hole, tie a ribbon, write to/from and a note on the back.  Get creative!

4.  Scrapbooking.  Use the pictures, words, and letters to decorate pages.

5.  Holiday Ornaments  and Decor

6.  Arts & Crafts Projects. Cards are the perfect items for kids to learn how to cut and paste, and make homemade, one-of-a-kind cards, pictures, and collages.

7.  Bookmarks. Cut card into 2″ x 5″ strips or whatever size you wish. The kids could make these for gifts for their grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

8.  Postcards & Recipe cards. If nothing is written on the back side of the front of the card it can be reused as a postcard or to capture your favorite recipes.

9.  On Display. Place keepsake cards under glass on a coffee table or desk. This way you will see them often versus having them tucked away in a box. Rotate cards throughout the year.

10.  Coasters. Cut into a circle and place under a glass when entertaining guests (especially handy for a kid’s party).

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